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What day is today? Friday right? Yea. Okay so... Hi. It's been what------a year? Damn i'm such a bad writer hahaha. I feel like writing right now so yep, decided to share what I've been doing lately. Let's begin with today.

1. February 19th 2016
I had lunch with a friend of mine, lets call her my cousin because I see her as a part of my family. Her name is Agatha, born in 1994 which is 2 years older than me. It was fun until I got a stomachache that made me feel dizzy until right now---yeah right now. And I had my period today so yeay, perfect combo.

Yep. This is my position right now. And no, its not a macbook or shit, it is freaking ASUS hahaha.

Oh let me tell you how I got my period today. I was actually picking out my outfit for the day and I was trying out some clothes until I felt it you know... Like something just came out of my..... YOU KNOW (let's keep it not so explicit people). And I was like "Shit. Is that blood? *checked it out* OOO YES IT IS" then I ran like a pig to the bathroom and put some pads on and well yea you know the rest. Then I got ready, texted my friends and shit, and then I went to her house because she was driving.

 Yep that's her. See the cross sign over there? That is legit, and yes she is Catholic and I am Muslim and we get along just fine since we were kids! :p

We went to this pasta restaurant called Warung Pasta or we basically call it WarPas. They actually have delicious baked pasta and desserts. But not for the snacks. Nope.

This is what I ate today, it is called Sunny Sunrise LOL dont know what is the meaning behind it but yea its good shit

This is the snack. I didnt like it. NOPE. Let's is called  Melted Crispy Cheese. AND THERE IS NO CHEESE IN IT LIKE WHATTTTTT. I got mad because I expected to be like "cheese heaveeeen". It was freaking mayonnaise and ugh just no.

I had the best dessert ever it is called Strawberry Pavlova. It was soooo goood too bad I did not take a picture but I did make a vlog about it which I'm going to edit (hopefully) tomorrow hahahaah :D

Oh well. Lets fast forward. After that we went to a carwash and thats where I felt the pain and cramps and shit. It took like over an hour so we decided to go to a cafe. And I was like "Im not gonna eat anything, im full man".

Long story short, we went home after that and I felt like shiiiiiiiit because of this pain. Thats how my day was. But still, there were some people who made my day a lot better so thank you, whoever you are.

2. Dec 21st - Dec 24th 2015
I know. It's a long gaaaap but fuck it. Those were good times, okay?! So Dec 21st was my mom's birthday and we went to Singapore to kinda celebrate her birthday. Kind of. 

That is my brother. He's tiny I know but I love him okay? Okay.

Now, let me introduce you my parents. Dont worry, my dad doesnt smile. He just does not smile. That is his thing apparently hahahah.

This is the Orchard Hotel. So cozy right?!

We had a good time in there, it was a bit complicated for my family at first because that was their first time in Singapore so we had to make some adjustments from food, transportations, etc. It was pretty boring at first because we were staying at this hotel called Orchard Hotel in Orchard Rd, obviously. We spent like 2 days for wandering around the Orchard Rd because I was like scared to try MRT since I was the only one who had tried that before but it was like 4 years ago and I forgot how to read the MRT map. Stupid Cindy.

And on the 3rd day, we---- I finally had the balls to just read the map in the best way I could hahaha so we went to Gardens By The Bay which was amaaaaziiiing!!!!!!!!

No, it is not a roller coaster.

You see the raflessia thing? THEY ARE MADE OF LEGO!! WHATTT?! Damn.

All romantic and shit <3 p="">

Well. I guess that is all for now. I am determined (hopefully) to write more because it is kinda like my therapy too you know. So yeah see you later!

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