nyx eyebrow cake powder review :)

12:13 PM

MAN I LOVE THIS STUFFFF. I'm runing out of this and am going to purchase it for the second time. I have my shade in Brunette.

photo from: http://makeupstyle.blogspot.com/2013/08/nyx-brow-cake-review.html

I actually have a black hair but this shade suits me well

As you can see it gives me a very natural eyebrow look. And this isnt expensive what so ever. I purchased this for IDR 110K and it lasts like more than a year. There's another shade that also suits me well which is the Dark brown shade. But I prefer the Brunette shade cause it makes my eyebrows a lot softer and look natural, since the dark brown shade kinda gives me the "bold" eyebrow look

(+): - Has the wax so it will make your eyebrows stay in place and makes the powder even more vivid and pigmented

- Cheap and really easy to find
- Has 2 colors so you can mix them or use only one of them
- Has 2 applicators
- Easy application
- Last all day (5hrs+)

(-): - The angled brush that comes from the powder is too harsh. I usually only use it for applying the wax and then using my own angled brush to apply the powder

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