BH Cosmetics ItsJudyTime Palette review!

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Yes! I'm just gonna straight to the point that I'm such a big fan of Judy. Check her on youtube, she does amazing makeup reviews and first impressions! So when this palette came off, I was like "I SHOULD HAVE THAT!". Well, but I was not sure since I live in Indonesia and she lives in Seattle..... And the palette would be really expensive, and the shipping... ah man.

But...the day of my Prom Night, my boyfriend gave me a gift. And Voila!! He bought me this palette. Happy me.

It's too bad that BH Cosmetics doesnt sell this anymore. Anyways, lets get to it!

 So, this is it. the ItsJudyTime Palette by bhcosmetics. The price is around USD $15.00

 It has 12 eye shadows. Matte, Satin, even Shimmery colors

 I think that Judy did a very good job on this palette, I know that she's into Neutral colors but she added the purple and blue ones which makes the palette (in my opinion) is flexible. You can create day and night looks and with the purple-blue eye shadows, trust me those colors are gorgeous, then  look at the packaging! black and gold, that is sooo Judy. And little details under the mirror that says "Natural is beautiful but makeup is glam"

Here are some pictures of me and my friend when I did her makeup couple months ago

I use this palette for my everyday look ^

 That was the first time I used the pop of colors from the palette for my friend's makeup and I love the result! I did it without using any eyeshadow primer

- The packaging is pretty and very sophisticated
- Great choices of colors (pigmented too)
- It does not crease
- The colors last pretty long (5 -8 hrs)

- no applicator
- difficult to find in Indonesia (we must buy it from the online retailers like ulta, etc)
- limited edition :(

p.s: I am gonna be very sad when I'm running out of this palette:(

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