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HEY. aha according to the title...yes. its about your skin, girls (or boys :-D) so I've ben crazy about skin care products lately. Like BB cream, Day and Night cream, serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, face mask, etc.\

OKAY. moving on. I've been using this green tea collagen mask by purederm.There are lots of beauty benefits we can reap from green tea as it is full of antioxidants. It is known to soothe skin very well. Purederm Green Tea Collagen Mask is packaged in a green plastic foil sachet. The mask itself is a white cottony mask soaked in / wet with green tea solution. I stayed on that mask for around 15-20 minutes(15 minutes, mostly). It feels cool because its wet, not that minty cool tho.

but............honestly, I dont really like the scent. Well, I think the scent is very natural and not so strong but still not that kind of smell which I like.
Price: around 28.000 Rupiahs
you can find em at Watsons, Guardian, or Century

And I've been trying this new BB cream that just  got in in Indonesia from Garnier. still promo until the end of this month (Aug 2013)
first thing that I smells REAL GOOD. I swear. it actually comes in 3 color. Light, Medium, Deep (from what I've heard at youtube).
- spf 21
- anti uva-uvb (fyi, this is very important for you guys to choose a high lvl of spf to protect your skin from the uv. the higher its spf, the longer it will last. for example if it says spf 15, you need to reapply around every one hour, etc)
-PA++ (many labels also list a "PA" ranking, which refers to the amount of protection the sunscreen offers from the UVA/UVB rays that may cause long-term skin damage. PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++ or PA+++. The more +'s, the more protection from UVA rays)
price: 16.500 Rupiahs (till aug 31st)
you can find it at any drugstore such as Watsons, Guardian, Century, or if you're can find it at supermarkets)


there are a lot of things that I would like to show you but....I guess we can talk about it later...about sunscreen, moisturizer etc :-)
besides that, I have some recommendations if you want a very healthy skin in a natural way. consume healthy food every single day! (well, you can have one cheat day per week at least :p) such as:

1. Yogurt!
2. Chocolate. (if you're pretty aware of your body size, you can give your skin some food from body lotions, body wash, etc that contains chocolate extract. be creative! :p)
3. Fruits that contain vitamins like berries, oranges, OH Avocado! be veggie for a while doesnt kill you, mate ;)
4. Almond (I dont really like Nuts so I consume and give my skin some love ;) from my bodywash that contains almond in it)
5. Vegetables, duuuhhh!
6. The most important thing to hydrate your skin and body, MINERAL WATER! you should carry a bottle of mineral water everywhere.

keep that in mind, and your skin will thank you later. promise :-D

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